You should’ve had renter’s insurance!

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Question: We have been in the same rental house for the past eight years. Last Monday night, we were awakened by a strange noise in the kitchen, and discovered that the kitchen was on fire. My wife and I got our kids out first, then the dog, and everyone is OK. We also managed somehow to get the garden hoses out and fight the fire ourselves, and managed to put a good deal of it out before the firefighters arrived. However, there is severe damage to the house, and smoke and soot damage to our belongings. The cause of the fire (per the fire department report) was the dishwasher. It got stuck in the dry cycle, and evidently heated the wiring to the point that it started a fire behind the dishwasher. We do not have renter's insurance. Our landlord's insurance company will cover the repair of the house, but not any of our losses, including the cleaning of our things. We have had to secure temporary housing at a considerably higher rate than we have been paying, and our world has been turne...