Is $350 a fair price for home inspection?

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Dear Barry, I am quite disgusted with the home inspection industry. Before buying my home, I hired the inspector who was recommended by my agent. First of all, $350 is a lot of money to pay someone just to flush the toilet and inform me that there are rust stains on the bottom of the kitchen sink. What's more, the inspector referred me to a structural engineer just because of a tilted foundation pier in the crawlspace. Couldn't I perform my own basic inspection with some sort of checklist and then, if an item appears faulty, call a licensed contractor? --Gloria Dear Gloria, Judging an entire profession by the performance of one individual is a shortcut to unreliable conclusions. The best and worst practitioners can be found in every field of work. It is possible that a more qualified inspector would have disclosed a longer list of defects. On the other hand, this home may have been one of the few with very few faulty conditions. The recommendation for a structural engineer may or ma...