Late on rent, low on forgiveness

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Question: Our lease agreement states that rent is due on the "last day of the month." Unfortunately, my husband does not get paid until the first of the month, at which time we do pay our rent immediately on the 1st. The landlord is claiming that he "must" have it on the last day due to a mortgage due on the 1st, which if not paid exactly on the 1st, charges him a $56 late fee, a sum he is asking us to pay. Our lease details nothing about late fees or grace periods on our rent. Is there any law that provides that the landlord must give us a minimum grace period on rent before a late fee can be charged? Are we obligated to pay the late fee on his loan? Property Manager Griswold replies: While a grace period for rent payment is common in most tenant-landlord relationships, there is no legal requirement that the landlord must offer a grace period for the payment of your rent. You signed the lease knowing that the rent was due at the end of the month and that there was no grace ...