Wronged by home sellers

Who is liable for unperformed house repairs?

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Dear Barry, When I purchased my house, the home inspector listed a number of items that needed repair, including problems with the bathroom plumbing, the lawn sprinklers, the yard drains and some of the doors. My agent told me "everything will be fixed by the sellers." But nothing was ever fixed -- a fact I learned after moving in. My agent never even advised me to have a final walkthrough inspection before closing escrow. I've now spent $3,000 on various repairs, and my agent seems completely disinterested. He told me to call the sellers' broker. The sellers' broker says the sellers are liable, but he refuses to give me their new address. And now, the broker won't even return my calls. I'd like to take the sellers to small claims court but don't know where they are. Aren't the agent and broker responsible for this situation? --Susan Dear Susan, Your agent was paid a commission to represent your interests. Now that you have problems, he is telling you to go represent you...