The noisy neighbor from hell

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Question: My partner and I own a loft in a small eight-unit building, and we are members of our building's homeowner association (HOA). We share a common wall with our neighbor, who lives in our sister building next door, which has a different address and separate HOA. Our neighbor plays very loud music all day and night. We have called the police many times, written polite letters to her and even suggested mediation to resolve this problem. Our neighbor has refused mediation and hasn't responded to our letters. Our HOA has written two letters to her HOA about the issue, but got no response. Does our HOA have a legal duty to help resolve this issue? Can our HOA fine our neighbor or fine their HOA for not taking care of this matter? Steven Kellman, an attorney for tenants, replies Your homeowner association is generally not responsible for handling noisy neighbor problems when the neighbor is not a member of the same HOA. In other words, you are probably on your own with this one. Do ...