I wanna be a home inspector

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Dear Barry, I'm preparing to start a new-home inspection business. My background is in aviation maintenance and home remodeling. In researching the topic, I see many more negative comments than positive ones concerning the effectiveness and competence of home inspectors. I believe the national average is 30 percent of new inspectors go out of business in the first year due to litigation. It also appears that many home buyers are unaware of the number of unqualified inspectors. Is there any good news out there for us potential inspectors? --Bill Dear Bill, You have apparently done more homework than the average entry-level inspector. That's commendable, because the more you learn now, the less likely you are to be sued out of business. Home inspection, as you've discovered, is a minefield profession, with more than a few unqualified practitioners. The expectation of home buyers is that their inspector will find every overt and latent defect in a home, and attorneys stand rea...