Builder: Fix my leaky roof or else!

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Dear Barry, I bought a new house and began having roof leaks two years later. The builders have done some patching, but the leaks persist and the builders no longer respond to my letters or phone calls. I complained to the state licensing board, but they barely seemed interested. At this point, there are two things I want from the builders: (1) that they allow me to hire my own inspector to determine the condition of the roof and to check for related damage; and (2) that they pay the costs of having a contractor of my choosing make the necessary repairs. What do you recommend? --Scott Dear Scott, You don't need the builders' permission to have your home inspected by qualified professionals. It is your property, not theirs, and you can do with it as you wish. You decide who enters, who leaves, and who performs services on the premises. The best time to have had a professional inspection of the property was before you took possession. Prior to the purchase, you had leverage....