Realtor gets much-needed lesson in disclosure

Inspector speaks to liability when selling home

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Dear Barry, I am a Realtor in a major eastern city and am constantly amazed when your column wanders into arenas not within the scope of your expertise, without any disclaimers to limit your liability. For example: Are you not aware that real estate laws are regulated by individual states? Yet you consistently answer questions about what sellers are required to disclose and what agents are required to disclose as if the requirements apply uniformly in every state. Are you an attorney? If not, you should withhold such opinions. In my state, you're wrong about 50 percent of the time. If I were you, I'd make sure my liability insurance was paid in full. --Joan Dear Joan, It would be easier to address your concerns if you could provide a specific example of an offending statement in a past article and if you could specify the state where you read this column. Lacking that information, my general responses are as follows: 1. Real estate disclosure laws vary in specific details f...