Best way to recommend home inspector

Three schools of thought critiqued

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Dear Barry, As a real estate agent, I have had many discussions with fellow professionals about how to recommend home inspectors to buyers. We want to give buyers good advice, but we also want to limit our liability. Here are the three schools of thought on home inspector recommendations: 1. Provide a list of available inspectors and advise buyers to research and choose whomever they want. 2. Recommend one inspector who regularly works for the real estate company, who belongs to a large network/franchise, and who indemnifies the real estate agent and company. 3. Don't recommend anyone: just tell buyers to investigate home inspectors on their own. Which of these options do you advise? --John Dear John, If agent liability and client representation are primary considerations, there are problems with all three options. Fortunately, there is a fourth choice that better serves the needs of everyone. The problem with option #1 is that a list of available inspectors will include...