Who’s been living in my rental unit?

Landlord seeks recourse against illegal subtenant

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Question: I have owned a two-unit apartment building for the last four years. I have month-to-month tenants in one of the units that started renting there after I bought the building. They have a clearly written agreement that states they are the only two tenants and no subletting or other tenants are permitted. However, we are about 90 percent sure that someone else has moved in for the last nine months. He never comes or goes and yet he's there day and night, seven days a week. How do we prove it and what recourse do we have? James McKinley, an attorney for landlords, replies: You don't say if your original two tenants are still living in the unit. If they are, you should start by asking your tenants if they have moved in a roommate. If someone else has moved in, you could have him fill out a rental application, and, if he meets the rental criteria, sign a new rental agreement with all tenants; or you could serve a legal notice to perform covenant or quit, followed up by ...