Realtor’s bad advice

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Dear Barry, When I bought my home, the seller disclosed that the sunroom was added without a building permit. At the time, my Realtor assured me that a permit was not required because the room is less than 150 square feet. But now I'm doing some remodeling, and my contractor says the sunroom is not legal without a permit. When I called my Realtor, she said the contractor is wrong. Who do I believe? --Barbara Dear Barbara, Your contractor has advised you correctly. Your Realtor is badly and sadly misinformed, and she has caused you to be misinformed in a major investment decision. The proper advice for a Realtor, when faced with building code questions, is to simply say, "I don't know, but I'll check with the building department for the answer." An agent who offers uninformed advice of this kind could get involved in a sticky legal mess with enormous financial consequences. Prudent Realtors, and there are many, know better than to do this. The building codes are very specific as to what...