I should’ve had rental property owner’s insurance

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Question: I own a condo that I've rented out for the last 13 years. My current property manager is my concern. The last tenant sublet my condo to another person who was not on the lease. This new occupant caused considerable damage before he was removed, and I found out about the damage through a third party, not my property manager. Then, without my knowledge, the property manager brought in a "contractor" he found through a small ad in a local newspaper to do the repairs. The work was never completed, but my property manager bugged me about paying this contractor that he apparently uses on many of his managed properties. After I paid the contractor I found out later that he was unlicensed and had an arrest warrant out on him. He had stolen a custom fan from the dining room and other materials I had purchased to repair the condo. The front door, which again is a custom-fit door, also was damaged and will be expensive to replace. I was able to track down the former tenant ...