Smoke detectors have come a long way, baby

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Dear Barry, The smoke alarm in my townhome is wired to the electrical system and is presently inoperative. The fire insurance for the building is paid by the homeowners association. Does this make the association responsible for repairing the alarm? Electricians are very expensive, and I think that whoever pays the fire insurance should pay for smoke alarm repair. And while we're on the subject, what are the current requirements for smoke alarms? --Pete Dear Pete, In collectively owned properties such as townhomes and condominiums, individual owners are responsible for interior conditions, while owners associations maintain all or part of the exterior and common areas. Because smoke alarms are interior fixtures, their maintenance and repair would most likely be the responsibility of resident owners. Exceptions, if any exist, should be specified in the CC&Rs (covenants, codes and restrictions) that set forth the rules for your association. Smoke alarm requirements have grad...