How should home inspector handle complaints?

Leaky roof could turn into lawsuit

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Dear Barry, I've been a home inspector for about two years and am now having a problem with a home buyer, more than seven months after the inspection. She claims that I am responsible for roof leaks. How can that be possible this long after the inspection? How should I address this situation? --Roy Dear Roy, Complaints of this kind are the bane of every home inspector. Sooner or later, and more than once, it will happen to everyone who has entered this field of work. The number one rule when you receive complaints about undisclosed defects is to respond immediately by making an appointment to reinspect the area of concern. When you do your reinspection, check thoroughly for any visible roof conditions that could have resulted in leakage. If you find that you missed a visible defect, offer to have it corrected and have it reviewed by a roofing contractor of your choosing. If it's a simple repair, you may be able to do the work yourself. If a contractor is needed, be sure to ...