Penny-pinching landlord needs lesson in safety

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Question: I live in an 11-unit apartment complex. Our front-entry door is a hollow-core door just like our bathroom door. These doors are not very secure and are showing serious signs of weathering due to age. I have asked my landlord for a new door and was denied. My neighbor even offered to pay for a new solid-core front door and was told "no." Are there regulations regarding exterior doors on rental units? If not, what can I do about getting a new door? Property manager Griswold replies: There are regulations concerning exterior entry doors. In virtually all municipalities, the Uniform Building Code (UBC) addresses the legal requirements and regulations concerning issues such as the required materials for your dwelling, including the front door to your unit. The problem you have is that your hollow-core, front-entry door met the building code in effect at the time of construction of your rental unit. While the building codes have been dramatically changed over the years...