Everybody’s mum on cracked furnace

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Dear Barry, My parents bought a house about a year ago and had a home inspector check it out. The inspection report said the furnace had no problems. But recently, a heating contractor did a routine inspection and said the furnace blower is cracked. He told us this could let carbon monoxide into the house and that the furnace needs to be replaced. My parents have carbon monoxide detectors in their home, and these have never gone off. And our suspicions were raised when the furnace man refused to show us the crack. So we're having another contractor take a look, and we have four questions: If the blower is cracked, can it be repaired? Shouldn't the company that found the crack be willing to show it to us? Shouldn't the home inspector have reported the crack? And do we have recourse? --Kari Dear Kari, A cracked blower does not affect carbon monoxide levels in a home. The heating contractor must have meant a cracked heat exchanger. In most cases, a furnace with a cracked hea...