Verbal home inspection report sparks complaint

$600 is a lot to pay for no piece of mind

Dear Barry, I recently purchased a brand-new home and hired a home inspector before closing the deal, but the inspector did not give me a written report. He just reviewed his findings verbally by phone and then sent a bill for $750. When I complained about not receiving a written report, he discounted the fee to $600. This doesn't seem right to me. What should I do? --Thomas Dear Thomas, A home inspection without a tangible report is not worth the paper it isn't written on. What good is a verbal report when requesting repairs from the builder? And who can prove later what the inspector did or did not disclose? Your response to the inspector should be blunt and simple: No report equals no payment. The inspector should provide a product in exchange for his fee. Give him a choice. Without a report, he'd have a hard time convincing an arbitrator that he's entitled to payment. Dear Barry, A new water heater was installed in my home about two years ago. Recently, I noticed that ...