My lease ended, so where’s my security deposit?

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Question: We live and work in Germany at this time, but own some rental properties back in the United States. We signed a one-year lease for a rental house for our son to live in back in our hometown. We were looking to increase our real estate investments so we decided to buy a property of our own for our son to live in. We notified the owner of his current rental immediately, telling him we wanted to be released from the contract as soon as possible and that there was another person interested in taking over the lease. The new tenant moved in about two months into the lease and signed a new contract with the property owner. The owner told us our security deposit will not be refunded to us, and that it was our responsibility to collect the money from the new tenant. We believe our security deposit should be refunded to us. Do we have any recourse? More importantly, how can we insure we are completely released from this contract/lease? James McKinley, an attorney for l...