Our building’s up for sale, but we still want privacy

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Q: Our landlords have just announced that they're selling the building, and advised us we'll be seeing brokers and interested buyers on the property -- and looking at our apartments. We think the owners should have some consideration for our privacy, by giving us lots of notice and consulting us when scheduling visits. Eighty percent of the tenants in the building feel like we do. Do we have some legal rights in this situation? --Marcia H. A: Putting up with applicants looking over your rental when you're moving or buyers eyeing the property during a sale are hassles every tenant encounters eventually. Fortunately, most states give you some protections -- more than half have laws that specify how much notice a landlord must give before entering a tenant's apartment. If you're lucky, your state specifies common periods such as two days or 24 hours. Some state laws are less useful, requiring "reasonable notice," whatever that means. Notice requirements don't apply to common ...