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NAR requests name change for RealtorGenius blog

Blog creator considers future options for Web site

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Benn Rosales, a Realtor in Central Texas, has been weighing options for the blog site he launched in May since the National Association of Realtors notified him the Web site name is an improper use of the trademarked "Realtor" term. "NAR has contacted us and asked us to formally end the use of this domain and I would assume any variation of the word '***ltor' even though I am a member," Rosales stated in a Tuesday post. "I will comply fully with NAR because I see no reason not too (sic). It is what it is -- we're just everyday folks with everyday lives. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, as the site has won several awards just by its peers and is proud of that fact. We've not decided whether to move it or just close the domain." The blog post touched off a flurry of posts and commentary at several real estate blog sites, with some readers questioning NAR's protective stance on the "Realtor" term. Mike Thiel, associate counsel for the Realtor association, said there ...