What’s behind exterior siding’s unusual warping?

Inspector who missed defect may be held liable

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Dear Barry, We bought our home about two months ago. Since then, we've found that the exterior siding is warped and crumbly in several places. None of this was disclosed by our home inspector. In fact, his report refers to the siding as "wood," even though it's some kind of particle board. And now, we've learned from our neighbors that the siding is the subject of a class-action lawsuit, something the sellers should have disclosed but did not. When we called our inspector about this, he said the warping must have occurred since he inspected the building, just eight weeks ago -- clearly a lame and irresponsible excuse. Don't you think that he and the sellers should have disclosed these conditions and should now accept some liability? --Kelly Dear Kelly, The acceptance of liability by the home inspector and the sellers seems fair, reasonable and appropriate -- the sellers for concealment of significant issues and the home inspector for what appears to be professional neglige...