Landlord may have valid reason to evict little old lady

Fear of damage, more late rent push owner to breaking point

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Question: For several years, I've rented a home to an elderly woman in an area that is popular with active senior citizens. An ideal tenant, she was always early or on time with her rent payment. But three months ago, her payments didn't arrive on the due date. When I contacted her, she said she had forgotten to mail the check. Another month went by and she forgot again. This month, I called her and she was totally disoriented, and said she has been sick and would soon get the check in the mail. I contacted her son, whose name was listed on the rental application and who lives out of town. He said his mother had become forgetful and that he was concerned for her health and safety. He said he has tried to bring caregivers into the home, and she has refused to answer the door. Last week, she was stopped by a local law enforcement officer and had been driving aimlessly around. He said he's trying to get power of attorney to act on behalf of his mother. In the interim, I'm c...