Home inspector’s hearing problem a red flag

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Dear Barry, I have performed more than 30 residential home inspections during my first year in business but am concerned that my tone deafness may prevent me from providing adequate inspections for my customers. I'm uncertain about continuing this new career because I'm unable to hear squeaky floors, mechanical noises or the sounds of faulty plumbing, just to give a few examples. What is your advice? --Ben Dear Ben, This is a very tough question to answer with an absolute yes or no. Hearing is an essential tool in the performance of a home inspection. Although home inspections are strictly defined as visual inspections only, hearing is used a great deal by inspectors. We listen, for example, to furnace ignitions, air flow from heat registers, the chirping of birds in attics, the click of GFIs across rooms and garages, noises emitted by bathroom exhaust fans, garage-door openers, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and more. It's hard to imagine not hearing those sounds and stil...