Vandalism, insects, mold: When can I break lease?

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Question: My fiancé and I really need to break our lease. We signed a one-year lease in August last year, and since then we've had nothing but issues. Not even two weeks after moving in, someone broke into our car and stole our radio and damaged the dashboard. My downstairs neighbors gave us fleas, which they did spray for, and never cleaned up the cat feces, for which they were evicted. Our new downstairs neighbors have been very loud and kept us up at night, and I have had to go downstairs to ask them to keep it down several times. My upstairs neighbors have a habit of turning their music up loud, and when I go knock on their door to turn it down they won't answer and instead turn it up. I have called and complained on them several times and they have failed to do anything about it to make it stop. We have had issues with mold on our windows and one window frame being broken and we had to call maintenance to come fix it. Then there are also our own reasons. Afte...