Beware of renting vacation home that’s up for sale

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Q: I have located a beachfront condominium for a three-month rental by my elderly parents. The condo owner has agreed to a three-month lease and will give us a standard written lease for my parents to sign. However, the owner says that she is selling her condominium. Before my folks sign the lease, I plan to ask the owner if it's already listed with a real estate agent. If it is, what language can we insert in the lease that will protect my parents' right to lease the unit for the three months this coming winter should it sell and close prior to their occupancy and the expiration of their lease?--Susan H. A: You're wise to be thinking ahead. Besides asking outright when the owner plans to sell, it's a good idea to check the local listings to see if the property is already on the market (unfortunately, you can't be too careful.) As for the lease, understand that as soon as your parents sign a lease, even one that will commence in the future, that signed document is legally ...