Wrong piping cancels home insurance

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Dear Barry, When we bought our house, the home inspector said we have copper water pipes. But when we installed a new dishwasher, we learned that the pipes are polybutylene plastic. Two plumbers have said these lines should be replaced to prevent leakage. Worse still, our insurance company got involved and will cancel our policy unless we repipe the house. The home inspector did not have us sign a contract, so there appears to be no limit to his liability. But we've heard that he is no longer in business. If we can track him down, how can we make him pay for the repairs? --Stacey Dear Stacey, You apparently hired a home inspector who is not a true professional. Therefore, you may not be able to make him pay for repairs. The fact that he missed such an obvious condition as polybutylene pipe, that he did not have a standard home inspection contract, and that he is no longer in business indicates that he is a "fly-by-night" inspector. Polybutylene is commonly recogn...