Home inspector banned by seller’s agents

Don't buyers have right to select whomever they please?

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Dear Barry, Our Realtor recommended a home inspector who has a very good reputation for thoroughness and honesty. But the agent and broker for the seller have refused to allow that inspector on the property. They say the inspector is a "nitpicky deal-killer" and that their real estate office will not do business with him. They say I can choose any other inspector in the area, but not the one my agent recommended. Don't I have the right to hire a home inspector of my choice? --Andrea Dear Andrea, Your question raises two issues affecting the seller's agent and broker -- one of legality and one of liability. Let's begin with the legal question: whether you have the right to a home inspector of your choice. The answer depends largely on the wording of the purchase contract. Most real estate contracts contain clauses such as "inspector of the buyers' choice." If such wording is in your contract, the seller's Realtors would have no right to ban your inspec...