Listing agent concealed major furnace defects

Can buyers force her to foot replacement?

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Dear Barry, When we bought our home just over a year ago, we hired a home inspector and addressed all the issues he disclosed. The listing Realtor, at the time, gave us a letter stating that the furnace had been cleaned. But last month, we awoke to a house full of smoke because the heater burned out. The heating contractor we called said he had inspected the furnace one year earlier and had told the Realtor that the system had major problems. He recalled her being angry and saying that she'd call another contractor. She never mentioned any of this to us, so now we're stuck with a worthless furnace and are probably lucky to be alive. What should we do, and whom should we contact? --Dianne Dear Dianne, The conduct of the Realtor, as you describe it, is beyond unethical: It amounts to criminal negligence. It involves failure to disclose major furnace problems that could have endangered the lives of your family. Of further concern is the home inspector's failure to disclose m...