How buyers, sellers are closing deals in today’s market

Being flexible is the name of the game

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Negotiation is back in style, and is likely to remain a necessary part of buying or selling a home in today's beleaguered residential housing market. Other key elements to a satisfactory closing are flexibility, perseverance, creativity and diligence. Needless to say, you need to work with the best real estate professionals you can find in your area. In most cases, it takes a team effort to put a home-sale transaction together and see it through to fruition. HOUSE HUNTING TIP: Successful negotiations usually require give and take by both parties. It has been said that the sign of a successful negotiation is one where both parties walk away feeling they have won. It has also been said that the key to a mutually acceptable agreement is that both sides feel a little wounded. A must in this market is a commitment to exhaust all possible ways to put and keep a deal together before calling it quits. Recently, it looked like a purchase contract was about to fall apart. The buy...