Pending foreclosure doesn’t mean stop paying rent

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Q: I own a rental property occupied by tenants who are two months into their one-year lease. Soon, very soon, the bank will foreclose on this property. I would like to know if I am legally entitled to collect rent during this process. My tenants think not, saying that a few days ago, a representative from the bank left a letter with them addressed to me. The envelope says "Notice of Intent to Foreclose." The tenants claim I am no longer the owner, so they don't have to pay rent, but I told them that I continue to be the legal owner until this process becomes official. Should I start an eviction process because of the tenants' failure to pay? --Paul S. A: In most states, a foreclosure is accomplished by a sale on the courthouse steps (if no one bids, the lender keeps the property). In a few states, a judge can declare the property transferred over to the lender (this is known as a strict judicial foreclosure). But in every state, the owner needs to be informed, som...