Considering vinyl siding? Think again

Inspector questions durability, resale value

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Dear Barry, The plywood siding on our house is rotted in many places. We're planning to install vinyl siding over it, but we've got some questions that need answers before we go ahead. Our first concern is what to do with the existing siding. Removing it will involve a lot of extra work and expense. Should we do this or simply install the vinyl siding over it? If we leave the old siding, should we install some kind of wrap or vapor barrier? And if we leave the wood siding, should we scrape off the green mold that is visible in several places. Finally, what do you think of vinyl siding? --Mark Dear Mark, Before deciding whether to leave or remove the old siding, have the rotted material inspected by a licensed pest control operator to determine the type of fungus or mold that is present. It may be necessary to remove portions of the damaged wood to prevent further wood decay within the walls. But vinyl siding typically requires solid wood backing to prevent damage to the vi...