Why can’t mom have live-in assistant?

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Q: We're landlords with a somewhat off-beat question. My mother is about to enter a continuing-care residential community, which requires her to be able to "live independently." She is independent now, and will have no problems taking care of herself in her apartment, but she has a medical condition that will eventually require her to hire a personal assistant to help with dressing, eating and bathing. I know from my own business that if I had a disabled tenant who needed a live-in personal assistant, I'd have to let that helper live with my tenant unless it resulted in unsafe overcrowding. But in my mother's case, the center is telling her that if she becomes disabled, she'll have to leave her apartment and move into their assisted-living quarters. Why wouldn't the center be required to make the same accommodation that I have to make? Aren't seniors' housing properties subject to the same fair-housing rules as I am? --Rex and Nicole D. A: Your question may seem ...