That’s the last time I call a TV plumber

Water pressure regulator shouldn't cost $3,800 to replace

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Dear Barry, I've owned my home for 25 years and have never had a serious plumbing problem. But recently, the toilet has been running off and on for no reason. Several times an hour, the water runs in the tank for about 15 seconds, as though the toilet had just been flushed. I called one of the big plumbing companies that advertise on TV every day. The plumber arrived in a huge truck, tinkered for half an hour, and then told me the problem was high water pressure. He offered to install a pressure regulator for $3,800. I'm on a fixed income and cannot afford such an expense, so I paid the $58 service charge and sent the man on his way; however, my toilet remains unfixed. What do you think I should do about the toilet, and should I be concerned about the high water pressure? --Diane Dear Diane, I was holding my breath until you said that you sent the plumber on his way. Thank goodness. Had you agreed to that $3,800 job, you'd have been badly cheated, and not surprisingly. M...