$3,000 deposit should’ve been red flag

Rent it Right

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Q: My daughter will be a college senior next year and plans to live off campus. Most of the rental properties near the college are expensive and owned by landlords who are reportedly very unscrupulous; they supposedly do not take good care of their rental properties or handle tenant complaints fairly. My daughter wants to live in one of those properties (a large rental house that's big enough for her and seven other girls from her sorority). The landlord wants a $3,000 deposit from each of the eight girls. When I visited the house, the current renters said they had wanted to stay another year but were being kicked out. They've heard that the owner always keeps the total security deposit, regardless of the condition of the place, and rents to a different group every year. Can you tell me anything we can do ahead of time to prevent this from happening to our daughter and her friends? --Theresa O. A: In a nutshell, don't rent from this landlord! If your state limits the secur...