Do you trust inspector with gas appliances?

Some say only licensed contractors are qualified to find defects

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Dear Barry, This is not a question as much as a comment. You occasionally discuss how home inspectors inspect gas-burning fixtures. In my opinion, home inspectors are not qualified to inspect gas appliances -- period. Unless they hold the proper licenses to do actual work on those fixtures, they should not be inspecting water heaters, furnaces or other gas appliances. You would better serve your readers by advising them to use licensed contractors for inspections of gas-fueled equipment. That way, the person doing the inspection will have the necessary knowledge and the proper license to make educated evaluations and reliable recommendations. --Jay Dear Jay, If gas-burning fixtures should be inspected only by licensed plumbers and heating contractors, we will have to dismiss nearly all of the municipal building inspectors who inspect furnaces and water heaters on behalf of city, county and state building departments. Those building inspectors, the ones who give final appro...