Would-be tenant has specific parking needs

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Q: I manage a mid-sized apartment complex, and have recently been asked by a prospect who uses a wheelchair for a parking space next to the unit she is considering. We can do that, though we have a waiting list for parking, but it will involve reassigning other tenants' parking spaces, buying signs and painting the pavement, and creating curb cuts. Who pays for all this work? --Sean D. A: Requests from tenants and prospects with disabilities fall into one of two categories. A request for a structural change to the property is a modification request, while a request that you change, make an exception to, or adjust a rule, policy, practice or service is an accommodation request. Generally, tenants pay for modifications (except in Massachusetts and in federally financed buildings) and, if it's feasible, can be asked to pay for undoing interior modifications. Landlords must shoulder the costs of accommodations. Sometimes, providing a parking space will not involve physical chan...