Not married? Buy home as tenants in common

Arrangement wise when one partner contributes more money

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DEAR BENNY: My daughter and her boyfriend are thinking about buying a house and she is putting more of a down payment than he. Is this a good idea? --Doug DEAR DOUG: I don't see any real problem with this arrangement, so long as your daughter and her friend enter into a written agreement spelling out their rights and responsibilities. Specifically, the agreement should contain at least the following: (1) how the mortgage payments and other house expenses will be made; (2) what will happen if one party cannot make those payments; and (3) what if one party wants out of the house -- will they sell? Finally, your daughter should consult an attorney without her boyfriend so that she can be advised as to the correct way that title will be held. I would recommend a tenant-in-common arrangement, with your daughter owning a greater percentage of the house based on the amount of the down payment that each party will pay. DEAR BENNY: Once a contract has been signed by both the seller ...