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Rules, creepers and one-way streets

Letters From the Home Front

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Rules. We have buckets of rules for our social behavior, and the rules can be confusing. Many of these rules we learn over time. We know that a graduation announcement is not really an invitation to the event, but just an invitation to send money. Others are simply intuitive. As a mother, I know that while I may be "fly" or "chill" or even "down" with something, I am never to acknowledge as much to my daughter's teenage friends. Knowing the words to her music is cool, singing the words in public is not. Wearing her clothes in a place where her friends might be present, even when her clothes are really my clothes commandeered from my closet when I wasn't looking, is strictly forbidden. Today I learned a new rule. A few weeks ago I made a public appeal for Facebook friends. Now I find that I am a "creeper." If you are a 15-year-old girl, you know that "creeper" is a noun, a variation of "creep," as in: "He is su...