Get rid of ‘buyer’s block’

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Q: I have always wanted to own my own home. I have been saving money for five years toward a down payment and I have worked hard to maintain excellent credit, with the idea that I would buy a home when I got married. I got married last year, and my husband and I together can well afford to buy a nice home in our area. Part of the time, we're excited about buying because it seems like prices are really good right now. The other part of the time, though, we watch the news and it seems like the whole world is falling apart. Now we're sort of stuck -- we're not sure what to do. A: Real estate decision-making has always been one of the most critical exercises that a household must undertake. Home ownership impacts not only your emotional well-being and lifestyle on a very large scale, but also your family's personal financial wellness, both monthly and lifelong. A generation ago, people treated decisions such as the one you are currently facing with a deliberateness and gravity a...