Don’t let home inspector out of your sight

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Q: In as much as there are a great number of current issues regarding disclosure to the purchaser of real property, when, if ever, is it going to be the responsibility of the purchaser to investigate particular items of relevance to them? --George D. A: Great question! In today's day and age of people expecting "someone" to look after them and protect them from anything and everything, and with each succeeding generation seeming to develop more of that attitude than the previous one, it's unlikely that you are going to see the burden of responsibility shifting back onto home buyers anytime soon. Don't get me wrong. I have always been an advocate of people looking after themselves, especially with a purchase as huge as a home. I am all in favor of disclosure laws, since only the seller knows where the leaks or other problems are (or were), but buyers also need to take the time to inspect and understand the house for themselves. There's a lot more to home than whet...