Deck railings become fun and exciting

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Deck railings can do a lot for the appearance and especially the safety of any outdoor deck. So when designing and building your new deck, there are a number of things to take into consideration. MEETING THE BUILDING CODES The first thing you want to determine is what building codes apply to your deck railing project. With most codes, a railing is required if the top surface of the decking boards is 30 inches or more above grade, and in some jurisdictions the height is even lower. If you are building a deck on sloping ground, only that portion that is higher then 30 inches is typically required to have a railing, but from the standpoint of both aesthetics and structural integrity, it is usually preferable to extend the railing around the entire deck. Another code consideration is the height of the railing itself, which typically is required to be 36 to 42 inches high. Where your railing falls within this range is a matter of preference, and while 36 inches is probably th...