Get sellers to pay closing costs

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Q: I hear that sellers are more often chipping in on costs that are typically paid by the buyer (like inspections, closing costs, etc). How can I find out how often that's happening in our market? A: You are smart to understand that market dynamics are highly localized -- what is standard practice in Missouri might be completely unheard of in Texas. Generally speaking, though, it is the case that in the current buyer's market (which exists everywhere relative to the market of several years ago), sellers are more likely to contribute to buyer's transaction costs. Mindset Management Knowledge is power, and the home buyers who make the smartest decisions tend to be the ones who are proactive about educating themselves about the process, money matters and the market. Harnessing the power of the Web to prepare yourself for home buying is critical -- studies show that e-buyers (that is, buyers who rely on the Internet as an integral resource of home-buying education and informa...