Solution for frigid condo

Floor insulation to the rescue

Q: My single-level, end-unit condominium, built in the early 1980s, is always cold, despite the fact that the outside walls are insulated and the windows are double-glazed. I have a gas furnace in the attached garage. The crawl space is lined with heavy-duty vinyl, and the amount of head space is about 2 feet. There are a lot of pipes and wires. I wonder if it would help to add some kind of insulation under the flooring. How would you recommend doing it, and do you feel it would be cost-effective? A: Floor insulation will definitely help. As part of the job, we recommend that you first conduct an informal energy audit. Check the doors and windows to see if there are any gaps that will let the great outdoors in. Next, take a look in the attic to see if the insulation up there is adequate. The first step in conducting the audit is to check the doors and the windows. Replace any weatherstripping that may be worn. Make sure the doors and windows close tightly, forming an airtig...