HardiePlank siding gets thumbs up

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DEAR BARRY: My mother is planning to replace the wood siding on her home. We'd like to know which is better: HardiePlank or steel siding. Which do you recommend, and why? --Susan DEAR SUSAN: Some may disagree with this answer, but my preference is HardiePlank. It has the look of wood siding but is actually fibrous concrete. In my opinion, it is superior to steel siding for the following reasons: 1) Steel homes are subject to possible rust and corrosion, especially if the protective coating becomes scratched or is rubbed off. Cement siding is largely impervious to moisture and therefore will not corrode. 2) Steel is a major conductor of heat and cold. Cement siding is not. This means that a home will remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter with HardiePlank. 3) There are electrical concerns with steel siding. A short circuit anywhere in the electrical system could electrify the entire exterior of the building unless the siding is properly grounded. With cement siding, t...