Buyer’s agent fails buyers

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DEAR BARRY: We live on the top floor of a condo complex and have two questions for you. The first involves our condo board of directors. Rain leakage caused water damage in the condo below ours. The condo board refused to pay for repairs. They said the leak was from our bathtub. Actually, we never use the tub, but the board made such a stink about it that we paid the $200 repair bill just to make peace. What do you think about the condo board's position? Next, we have a home inspection question. When we bought our condo, our Realtor advised us not to hire a home inspector. She said that the areas in need of inspection were covered by the condo board. Since the condo board dumped the leak repairs into our lap, what do you think about our agent's advice? --Michele DEAR MICHELE: The qualifications of those who serve on condo boards can vary widely. They may be retired entrepreneurs with excellent management skills, or they could be idle people who are bored with daytime TV s...