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Perfecting the SEO mousetrap

Panelists: Leave the tough stuff to the pros

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SAN FRANCISCO -- You don't necessarily need a fat wallet to draw more visitors to your Web site and improve its ranking on search engines, but it definitely helps to leave the technical and design work to the pros, panelists said during an Internet Marketing Summit session today at the Real Estate Connect conference. "I'm not a designer," said presenter Garron Selliken, founder of HomeQuest and brokerage company M Realty LLC. "One of the biggest takeaways I can give you: Get real designers to work on your sites." He added, "I can make things look OK, then I hand it to a designer and it comes back a week later and it's gorgeous. Designers have a huge impact on your presentation." If the site doesn't excite you, it probably won't excite others, he said, and recommended looking at other sites -- even outside of the real estate space -- to find examples of great, engaging sites. That doesn't mean you should copy other sites: "Try things that m...