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My costs of doing business are significant, particularly when I am representing the seller in a transaction. Staging, photographs, brochures and all those printer cartridges, not to mention my time, can be a drain on the old bottom line. That is why I am toying with the idea of tweaking my business model. I am considering adding some language to our multiple listing service write-ups: "We are experienced listing agents; over 99.76 percent of our listings successfully close." No, that's just silly. No one uses semicolons in the MLS, and I spelled all of the words right. How about this: "Buyer to pay 1 percent transaction facilitation intermediary fee. Our 'Just Listed' postcards, the ones that talk about how experienced we are, cost a lot. And our growing pipeline of business is significant, so we had to hire some guys to help with the more mundane tasks, like answering the phones." Then I will add a little 17-page attachment explaining "how I work&q...