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Turbulence seen for reverse mortgages

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The reverse mortgage, which has proven very popular with the retirement-age crowd, has come under assault from two diverse groups: the government and scam artists. Now I'm not going to argue with anyone who tries to say the government and scam artists are two sides of the same coin. That seems a bit mean.After all, the government attempts (or is supposed to attempt) to do what's best for the consumer and the country, although sometimes the net effect of legislation appears to be as wounding to some people as theft through fraudulent practices.In regard to reverse mortgages, the government is, indeed, trying to protect their availability through conservative fiscal practices. Unfortunately, it could end up neutering them instead.A reverse mortgage, which is available only to those 62 and older, allows homeowners to use the equity that has built up in a residence. In effect, the homeowner gets a loan in the form of a lump sum or multiple payments. Repayment, with interest, is deferred un...