Builder retired, won’t fix defects

Does buyer have recourse 10 years later?

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DEAR BARRY: My home was built about 10 years ago. I've had trouble with it ever since, and the builder avoids all responsibility. From leaky windows to settlement cracks, it's been one thing after another. When the home was 3 years old, I called the builder's home and was told that I had the wrong number.Finally, this year, I was able to reach him. He told me that he is retired and gave me the number of another contractor to fix the problems. But that means I'll have to pay for his mistakes. Isn't he responsible to fix the defects in my house? --Tina DEAR TINA: Your builder is suffering from what I call "DNS," or Dirty Nerve Syndrome. Without question, he should take responsibility for the home that he built. If there were defects from the beginning then he should address those issues, regardless of how retired he may feel.His retirement, in fact, should provide all the time necessary to work on his construction errors. What he lacks, apparently, is motivation an...