Mom’s lease duties lost in details

Rent it Right

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Q: My son and his roommate, both college students, applied for a rental that required a guarantor. I signed the lease application but never signed the guarantee. Am I responsible for rent and damage if the boys can't cover the rent or trash the place? --Lori S. A: Being a lease guarantor for a college-age son or daughter is very common. Landlords need to make sure that there's a solid source of funds if the students, most of whom have little to no income, fall behind on the rent or cause damage beyond normal wear and tear. But landlords need to follow standard legal rules when setting up lease guarantors. The landlord probably had you sign a lease application in order to obtain information about you -- your income, place of employment, place of residence -- that the landlord could use to make sure you'd be a suitable guarantor (someone with scant income won't be too useful if the time comes to call upon the guarantor).In addition, that signature probably signaled your cons...